Friday, December 28, 2007


Haih, in a few more hours i will b leaving 4 NS.So i guess this will b my last post.So all my readers ( if i have any ), i will b back on the 11th march or maybe 12th cause terengganu is dam far so w8 4 me yea.

So 4 those of you who dun know, i will b going 2 Kem Bakau Resort in kerteh.Didnt think i would see the word "resort" and NS together.Guess they are abusing the word "resort".On the bright side, its a beach so its a different style of NS camps compared to those in the jungles.

Was looking at it possitively till Nicklaus said " you know, b4 Dom came 2 our school, he was like in Terengganu" ( NOO!!!!!! ).So much for the local ppl there ( ppl wearing tudungs and songkok having the same retarded Dom smile is what i am expecting ). Doms.

So to make my fate look better, i will compare a place which is worse than mine.And the lucky person ( lucky 4 me dat is ) is Pei Fang.She will b going 2 Kelantan ( wahahahaha ).So here are the reasons y Kelantan is worse than Terengganu ( note that its not y terengganu is better than Kelantan ).

1st, its further away than Terengganu ( mine is at the southern part of terengganu )

2nd, its under PAS so dun expect the facilities there 2 b great.

3rd and most importantly, its near Thailand.Sooooo, what you think may b a girl, may not be true.(tranvesites ).O.o i hate 2 be there man. By the time she reads this, i will b back ( safe ).

Got sum motivations to keep me going :
  • The story of the gallant blacktaiko has just begun so it cant end know
  • Sum1 owes me lunch ( so start saving 4 my chinese dinner !!!!!!!!!! I want it when i come back )
  • Wan 2 get my free souvenier ( thx Andrea ^^ dun worry i wun 4get )
  • Wan 2 see who Pain is ( naruto )
  • Want 2 trash Nicklaus in Naruto ( y did they change Jiraya first of fury sob sob )
  • Get my rm 300 ( hey, money is money )
  • Dun wan 2 miss my Christmas ang pau from relatives
  • Wan 2 see my niece ( born on the 27th Dec )

Oh well, managed to accomplish sum of the things i planned this hols :

  • Went 1U and Sunway Lagoon
  • Went Prom
  • Passed undang
  • Played basketball ( still not satisfied )
  • BBQ ( went for 2 )
  • piano ( played for 2 days till i had dat nightmare.Dam it was scary )
  • freeloading / visiting

Sum of the things i will miss :

  • family
  • friends
  • money ( sob sob )
  • com ( omg no dota 3 months )
  • basketball
  • ps2
  • did i say money
  • my phone
  • cc ( hey dan, when i am back, call the Belians and lets go cc )
  • my pillow

Sorry if the post is too long, just feeling nervous.Hopefully will have fun there and meet new friends there.

Good luck to all the other NS ppl.Lets go ghazi !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stronger ~ my NS song theme ( as well as i am a surviver haha )

So i guess this is it.


See you in 3 months

Expect the new and improved ( thinner ) version of me back

Pray 4 me


Dun 4get bout me


~footsteps fading away~

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