Monday, December 17, 2007


Sigh,time seems to pass so fast these days and yet i feel so dam bloody bored.There is nothing to do now.I am kinda tired of ps2, can only dota a few matches a day cause of short attention span and watch boring shows.

Played basketball after 4 days i think.I cant live without basketball cause its fun and if i dun do it i will b burning my eyes watching boring stuff.Its pretty fun but sum how my stamina is still dam low.Maybe i should do sum jogging in the morning ( watch out 4 old ppl, they are scary ). Beat Nicklaus 1v1 with a score of 10 - 1 ( its like saying i beat dom zzz ).After lying on the court 1/2 dead for 5 mins played another game 5v5 ( stupid china boy wun shut uo and is wun pass the ball 1 )zzzzz stupid small kid ( i dunno his name but ppl call him china boy ... )

If i was a bit emo during these fews days i am sorry.Lack of basketball makes me emo.

Saw House just now.Seen ppl drilling a hole in a person head without anestatic ( the person got no feeling, seriously ) and pulling out a freaking long tapeworm. Doctors .....

To all Liverpool fans....

To all the ppl pestering me bout the bbq, please gimme sum space.Sigh another bbq again ????
Belians dam fun, they get 2 go hotel in kl and just chill.Tai- ti, truth or dare , murderer dam i wish i was there.Good luck danny.Y cant we have sumthing as fun like dat.Then again, u need the right ppl 4 those things and my class hardly have those ppl.
Do i regret i am in Angsana ??? Nope cause ppl with regrets cant move forward.
Taking Undang on friday so atleast i can stare at the pictures in the book when i am bored
Hydroplanning sial...
I wan 2 go 1 U play snooker and see movie but i lz call ppl.Too sien ppl like when is it, i will get back 2 u etc... Dam meng-swt-kan.
The LAWL video is pretty good.Would make me cry if i was a Batai- an. I wonder if it made the emotionless Nicklaus cry ???
Every1 is now going overseas, leaving me stranded here with NS very very soon.I wanna go sumwhere !!!!!!! Just dun see u ppl and got a bunch of leng leui can ^^ .
Listening to Sean Kingston - take you there now. How is he able to sound like dat ??? It doesnt make sense.
I wanna go 1 U !!!!!!!

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