Monday, December 24, 2007

almost christmas

Its almost Christmas and even as i write this its christmas eve.Last few days were boring abit but i guess life cant be fun all the time right ???Took undang with Hua Jen and both of us passed ( me 44, he 42 ).Played 4 games of basketball dat evening.Guess my stamina is starting 2 improve as 3 of those games were full court.My skills went up too though i will lose the advantage of my noob exterior.Now ppl start 2 mark me as they acknoledge my rebounding skills ( sigh ).

Almost finished with the christmas decor.Bought a new tree at Curve as the old 1 was 2 meng-swt-kan 2 put up.Still have 2 get the lights so i guess we have 2 do it today ( 24th ).Wun be inviting ppl over 4 a change so i am pretty glad not having 2 work my ass off catering 2 ppl who i dun even know ( YES !!!!!!! NO FREELOADERS Weeeeeeeeee !!!!!! ).

Went 4 my mum's cousin christmas party on sunday ( feels like 2day though its passed midnight ).We came late as we dunno where the place was and most of the dishes there were almost finished ( the bottles were also 1/2 empty too ) Dam those bastards. Had sum liquour ( yeah !!!!!! ) after a long time.Took sum Kahlua,Malibu and sum lychee liquour ( omg such things exist !!! ).When i was taking the lychee liquor, a lady ( selina ) was like how old r you ??? Does your mum know you are taking liqour ??? I was like swt man,dam her.Near the end she told my mum.Luckily she said i could drink. ( HAh, take dat ).After that thing though it killed my mood 2 drink.Dam her la zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Heard on the radio that NS might b postponed due 2 floods.They will announce at the latest by the 27th.Since my camp is by the sea, it will b interesting to see how a flood really is.Hopefully it will b postponed till 1st week of Jan so i can balik kampung to celebrate the new year.

word of the day : coloured pussy willow ( dun believe me ??? go check it out in atria and buy yourself 1 hahaha )

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