Monday, December 3, 2007


In this world, we cant expereince 1 thing without its opposite.Like,how could you know happiness when you have been happy your whole life.It will just be normal feeling and being humans, we take it 4 granted.However, when a person has been suffering and is suddenly given a break, he experiences true happiness as he knows what it feels like to be free from the bonds of misery. This contradictory paradox ( i dunno wat it means, it just sounds cool ^^ ) is the basic part of our human life. You wont know true love unless u have experienced a failed attemp ( get my point ) and you would treasure it more. I guess ppl dun know how special something is until it is taken from them.Sigh arent we shallow.

But, the great irony of it all, is we threw away our chance for a perfect life.In every religion, ppl wan 2 get close to God and being with God is like the ultimate thing ( moksha, nirvana etc wow my sej pro ).So basically it means that being with God is the truest essence of our emotions and our lives ( wow dats deep ).Anyway, guess we just have to live in this screwed up world which i find suprisingly funny.Its all how you look at things.

Got 1 u trip 2morrow and with ppl going late and going home early it took me a while to get the best solution. Dam u all, trying to mess with my life.Gotta keep on playing basketball to get fit 4 NS. Cant w8 4 the double bbq.

I just want to enjoy life and please stop bugging me bout details.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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