Saturday, July 2, 2011

sem 2 holidays

all good things must come to a end so this is the last weekend before sem 3 starts.

so far this hols i have
  • watched ALOT of movies ( pirates, kung fu panda, fast 5,x men and transformers )
  • climbed ( sadly only twice >< )
  • eat alot of stuff ( the most epic was the matterhorn super big burger ^^ )
  • sleep Very late and wake up in time for lunch
  • get fit again ( did abit of jogging and sum bball and futsal )
  • go gentings

I feel sad that we didnt do alot of things we said we would do while in sem 2 like going for a overnight stay. It feel dam potong planning how to enjoy the holidays and wen its finally here ppl arent that interested to do those stuff... =.= I just hope sem 3 holidays wun b like dat.

Overall it was a awesome holidays ( since wen holidays arent awesome ) and i hope that all of us would survive sem 3 ( classes 8-6 @.@ )

And this will b my last post with my long hair ( sobs ). It had been fun having long hair with all the epic stuff you can do with it. Whenever i feel that i miss my hair, i will remember the time wen i sunsilked in su anns face wahahahahhaha...well if she was anything like me, wen i go back uni she would have her revenge. Ironicly, the day before i am suppose 2 cut my hair, i find the most comfortable hairband 2 wear...sigh...

farewell my awesome long hair ><

i whip my hair back and forth
i whip my hair back and forth
i whip my hair back and forth
i whip my hair back and forth

*whipping hair back and forth*

Friday, April 1, 2011


i never really thought about kids before... if i do have a son, i can pretty much see a lot of climbing and playing games with him ( pss, son dont tell your mum ) but i never thought about if i had a daughter... then during one of my random thinking, i can imagine this situtation:
daughter friend : wow you have very nice hair

daughter : thx ^^ i get it from my dad

LOLOLOLOL hahahahaha

well i my wife would have awesome hair too i guess ( but mayb slightless than mine XP )

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

my 21st birthday

21... how time flies when you are having fun, no wonder lecturers seem to take forever haha...

Owh yea, i called Jay Chou to perform on my birthday. He said no problem ahahahaha

Well,didnt really celebrate it on the 5th. THat was more of a family thing. Gonna have the"huge family celebration" on the 2nd april i think...quite alot of exams coming up... sooooooooo Went climbing with Karan, Arthur ( not Foo hahahahahaha ), Michelle, Ash, Su Ann and Shreeni. Managed to get Danny to help us and luckily managed to get one of Abi's friend to help host us, so we were quite lucky that day. Damn...forget her name again ><...need to work harder in remembering ppl's names. Suprisingly she recognised me, must be from the Awesome hair hahahahaha...

After torturing them ( somehow they looked still alive, gotta kill them next time ), we went for dinner at Pizza Milano. Good food at a CHEAP price...definately reccomend it. At the end of the dinner, suprise suprise, they got me a cake. And not just any cake,

A BASKIN ROBBINS ICE CREAM CAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was sooooooo awesome of them ^^. Apparently they got it when the girls went shopping... Got to admit it was the perfect cover hahaha. It suppose to be a heart shape i think but at the moment all i could is STARE O.O at the green ice cream cake with chocolate ribbon string thingys on the outside ( yeah i know it doesnt make sense ). THen came the the present opening with ALOT OF LAYERS... Now i know how Karan feels haha... After getting "nothing" ( actually it was a picture that said touch this o.O ..... ) i opened the real present.. WHen opening i was like " a book??? er...ok i guess, is it gonna be sum pharmacobook or sumthingo.O ) But when i saw the title, it had ROCK CLIMBING on it hahahahahhaha...and in the book there was a birthday wishes with alot of animals ( i was the panda )

Got the pictures and videos on fb and i guess i can say its my best birthday celebration yet...

So try make the next one more epic guys ahahahahhahaha

random moment

me : thanks alot everyone for the present and cake

danny : you are welcome ^^

me : stare.... you didnt get me anything la AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

~the birthday was slightly more AWESOME that my hair~

~ yes its that awesome~

Friday, February 4, 2011

CNY 2011

1st post in a very very very long time... i guess i was feeling bit too lazy to blog haha..


This year CNY was kinda on a low key with very few open houses ( 2 only + 1 invitation to klang ) but i appreciate the effort ppl... But i would say it would just as much fun if not more fun

Went to Michelle place for a quick lunch ( no meat there =.= ) before heading of to pyramid. We did sum skating and it was fun to see Karan struggle to find his footing or whatever he was aiming to grab ahahahha... Atleast i didnt fall but my legs were KILLING me ( should have tied it tighther ) and Michelle was having fun watching us suffer ( well i would be doing the same thing )

2nd day of CNY, went to Jun Kwei house for sum tit-bits and gambling... Won 2 rounds of jin rummy ( or however you spell it ) with finish all the cards wahahahha... So i guess i can get my self a chalk bag now hohoho...

And last of all, sadly no Shihlin with a German...Wish i was having a cold german beer now

~CNY rox !!! ~

Friday, June 18, 2010

Enduro 2010

well for those of you who dont, danny and vincent took part in a 24 hour climbing competition with our even being 21 hrs.Total climbing time i guess was 18 -19 hours.We finished 5th out of 17 teams which is pretty dam good considering the strenght of other climbers.There is a more detailed description on wat happened which is on fb ( well frequent fb-ers would have seen it)

anywayz here are sum random facts/moments during the enduro

  • we used cap dua singa ( for muscle ache ) during the competition.I used soo much till my eyes began to tear...along with the eyes of the people next to me
  • our hands suffered rope burn due to belaying as speedily as possible to get more points. Our atc ( air traffic controller ... seriously ) was slightly damaged after the enduro. The belay set was dam hot till we had to unscrew the carabiner with our clothes (the heat is not exaggerated )
  • our most random moment was when vincent's family left us sum donuts. There were 2 donuts and 3 of us...we started laughing when we opened the box
  • we pretty much didnt sleep throught the competition.We tried to at 1 point but it was too noisy and were unable to sleep.The 1 hour rest period meant for sleeping passed too fast
  • we pretty much knew sum of the routes by heart.I could literally see each move before i go to bed
  • climbing using headlights is interesting as you keep on having to look for your footholds
  • we lived on ferrero rocher, bananas, donuts ( didnt take it ) and shihlin ( took half a shihlin the next day ) and survived the night with redbull
  • only danny escaped relatively uninjured while i got injured around the middle of the competition while vincent was near the end
  • thai climbers are f***ing good.The winning team ( from thailand ) didnt climb the whole time and could speed climb.They could do 2 routes in the time we took to do 1 of the routes...monsters
  • jaclyn victor sang bad romance o.O

well it was my 1st ever climbing competition and the bond of climbing through the pain and motivating each other will forever be in our memory...

next stop > buying rope and start to lead climb seriously !!!

~gonna miss my hair >.< ~

Friday, June 4, 2010

timy fairfield

Its the eve of the most extreme and challenging competition of my life, the enduro climbing competition at camp 5 where danny, vincent and i have to climb the furthest distance in 21 hrs

Its almost a year and 1 month since i cleaned my 1st sentinel ( 1st may 2009 according to my blog i think ) and i can say i have come along way.Lots of things have changed in camp 5 with the orange traverse gone and my 1st 5c+ route also dissapearing after taking me 3 weeks ( 3 climbing sessions ) to clean.Those were the fat old days where things were perhaps simpler and i was younger ( still not old )...

I guess we decided to take the competition seriously to prove to ourselves how far we have travelled in our climbing experience...and that we need money for a rope.I climbed seriously for the 1st time ( used to climb once a week ) by getting the 3 month pass.WE climbed 3-4 times a week and eventually ended up climbing 5 times a week.

We watched climbing videos to improve our game, trained like ppl do in the anime's ( we wore mask to train, giving us the name of sick ppl ) and 1 of us even tried to climb blindfolded ( epic moments ). I can honestly say no one trained as hard as us though we are the underdogs in the competition with alot of monsters joining it.

Just saw a video presented by timy fairfield ( guy in picture ), a professional climber and the x-games route setters...It was inspirational and me and vince managed to get autographs and shake hands with a legend.It was fun watching him climb the boulder routes for the competition with the main goal to have fun doing it...

I guess it all comes down to tomorrow whether we win or lose, i guess i wont have any regrets as we have done all we can and i am sure it will b a experience i will never forget

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


First of all...please note the pics arent good quality cause i aint a camera person...

Just bought my climbing shoes recently.Pretty rare for me to look forward to getting stuff like this, especially shoes...

But first of all introducing my old climbing shoes....

Saltic Spirit

most climbing shoes have this design.Its meant to be a few sizes smaller than your normal shoe to give you extra grip and pressure on your toes ( wen you climb, climb with your toes )

This is the reason i had to buy a new pair.Saltics are long lasting shoes with this pair lasting me slightly more than a year.The lifespan normally depends on the grip of the rubber or like in my case. a hole...

So presenting *drum roll*

the box ( chose saltic for their long lasting ness )
p.s. made in czech republic

The Saltic Guru !!!

Doesnt it look sooooo sexy ^^
Looking at it still makes me go damn its awesome

still has the same design, just dat it looks less obvious here

As i said earlier, climbing shoes have to be few sizes smaller than your normal shoe...
Well, my normal running shoe is a size 10 and the guru is...
A SIZE 7 !!!!

I still cant wear it for long periods of time and at time feel like crying because of the pain...

getting used to it now...
should expand half a size due to the material...

For a more visual look at the diff

my running shoe and my old climbing feels dam big wen i use it instead of the new shoe

when compared to the guru...

the spirit and the guru...

damn...dats one sexy guru ^^

the button