Saturday, July 2, 2011

sem 2 holidays

all good things must come to a end so this is the last weekend before sem 3 starts.

so far this hols i have
  • watched ALOT of movies ( pirates, kung fu panda, fast 5,x men and transformers )
  • climbed ( sadly only twice >< )
  • eat alot of stuff ( the most epic was the matterhorn super big burger ^^ )
  • sleep Very late and wake up in time for lunch
  • get fit again ( did abit of jogging and sum bball and futsal )
  • go gentings

I feel sad that we didnt do alot of things we said we would do while in sem 2 like going for a overnight stay. It feel dam potong planning how to enjoy the holidays and wen its finally here ppl arent that interested to do those stuff... =.= I just hope sem 3 holidays wun b like dat.

Overall it was a awesome holidays ( since wen holidays arent awesome ) and i hope that all of us would survive sem 3 ( classes 8-6 @.@ )

And this will b my last post with my long hair ( sobs ). It had been fun having long hair with all the epic stuff you can do with it. Whenever i feel that i miss my hair, i will remember the time wen i sunsilked in su anns face wahahahahhaha...well if she was anything like me, wen i go back uni she would have her revenge. Ironicly, the day before i am suppose 2 cut my hair, i find the most comfortable hairband 2 wear...sigh...

farewell my awesome long hair ><

i whip my hair back and forth
i whip my hair back and forth
i whip my hair back and forth
i whip my hair back and forth

*whipping hair back and forth*

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