Friday, June 4, 2010

timy fairfield

Its the eve of the most extreme and challenging competition of my life, the enduro climbing competition at camp 5 where danny, vincent and i have to climb the furthest distance in 21 hrs

Its almost a year and 1 month since i cleaned my 1st sentinel ( 1st may 2009 according to my blog i think ) and i can say i have come along way.Lots of things have changed in camp 5 with the orange traverse gone and my 1st 5c+ route also dissapearing after taking me 3 weeks ( 3 climbing sessions ) to clean.Those were the fat old days where things were perhaps simpler and i was younger ( still not old )...

I guess we decided to take the competition seriously to prove to ourselves how far we have travelled in our climbing experience...and that we need money for a rope.I climbed seriously for the 1st time ( used to climb once a week ) by getting the 3 month pass.WE climbed 3-4 times a week and eventually ended up climbing 5 times a week.

We watched climbing videos to improve our game, trained like ppl do in the anime's ( we wore mask to train, giving us the name of sick ppl ) and 1 of us even tried to climb blindfolded ( epic moments ). I can honestly say no one trained as hard as us though we are the underdogs in the competition with alot of monsters joining it.

Just saw a video presented by timy fairfield ( guy in picture ), a professional climber and the x-games route setters...It was inspirational and me and vince managed to get autographs and shake hands with a legend.It was fun watching him climb the boulder routes for the competition with the main goal to have fun doing it...

I guess it all comes down to tomorrow whether we win or lose, i guess i wont have any regrets as we have done all we can and i am sure it will b a experience i will never forget

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