Friday, February 4, 2011

CNY 2011

1st post in a very very very long time... i guess i was feeling bit too lazy to blog haha..


This year CNY was kinda on a low key with very few open houses ( 2 only + 1 invitation to klang ) but i appreciate the effort ppl... But i would say it would just as much fun if not more fun

Went to Michelle place for a quick lunch ( no meat there =.= ) before heading of to pyramid. We did sum skating and it was fun to see Karan struggle to find his footing or whatever he was aiming to grab ahahahha... Atleast i didnt fall but my legs were KILLING me ( should have tied it tighther ) and Michelle was having fun watching us suffer ( well i would be doing the same thing )

2nd day of CNY, went to Jun Kwei house for sum tit-bits and gambling... Won 2 rounds of jin rummy ( or however you spell it ) with finish all the cards wahahahha... So i guess i can get my self a chalk bag now hohoho...

And last of all, sadly no Shihlin with a German...Wish i was having a cold german beer now

~CNY rox !!! ~

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