Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Do the right thing

There was once a prophet who lived in a town.One day he got a vision telling him dat soon the water from the river will b poisoned and any1 who drank from it will go mad.So he began to tell the town ppl to store water in containers so they didnt have to drink from the river. But the ppl didnt listen to him and began to live their lives as normal.The prophet stored the water and when the river became poisoned, he was the only person unaffected.However, after quite sum time, he began 2 feel lonely since he was the only sane person there.Finally, he threw away all his clean water and drank the poison water and became mad like every1 else.

Life is like this with our consience or religious believes representing the pure water.We know the difference between right and wrong and know how we should act.Its just that the world is so different and every1 is like 'if u cant beat them, join them".However have we really lost ????We have lost the battle but not the war.Those screwed up bastards arent going to heaven so do we wanna join them ??? Being humans, we lack the courage to stand up 4 wat is right and wat we believe in.We should be strong knowing wat we do is right and like the prophet, warn others of the dangers of their screwed up lifestyle.Most likely they wun listen but atleast we have dun our part.So... do you have the guts to stand up 4 wat you believe in ???

Sigh, this isnt my normal blogging style but with the rain which is so fucking annoying, i might be losing it.The BBQ is postponed to god knows when and i cant go play basketball in the evening.Grrrrrrrrrrrr but then again,where would the fun b if life just went according to plan.

Gotta keep on training 4 ns.

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