Wednesday, December 19, 2007

China boy

Dam man, life is getting so bloody boring no matter what i try 2 do.Is it a conspiracy or sumthing cause i am gonna go siau soon.

Stupid China boy.Just cannot shut up and always dun pass.ZZZZZ Stop speaking chinese dammit.You mocking me is it, you small fry.In 1 u the lady asking 4 donation also spoke 2 me in chinese.I was like 0.o wtf u wan with me.Do i look like a guy who understands chinese ???Speak english dammit, whats wrong with you ppl.zzzzzzz

Played 3 games of basketball without passing out.Got my cheek smashed into and got head shot in the face, luckily my specs didnt break.My skills are improving and so is my rebounding.Just need more stamina dammit.

Got sum Sunway lagoon outing today ( since its pass 12 midnight ) and i wun b suprised if it is cancelled.

Dam bored la wei !!!!! Y cant i find anything interesting 2 do.And NS is like 9 days away so time is running short 4 me.

I wish i had a few million british pounds ( x 7 malaysian currency ).The 1st thing i would do is kiss it ( oh how i miss you money sigh ).And in my current boredom state i would even burn it 4 fun.

L rox !!!

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