Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Bday Ji kuan

Celebrated Ji Kuan's bday at sunway in a pretty dumb and funny way.Well, we prank called him by mohd ibrahim ( kee ) saying he cant claim the rm100 scholarship from NS.Said you need 10 a's to get it for non-malays.But he told us he got 10 so we asked him 4 his IC no. and told him we will get back 2 him.He actually told us his ic no. haha. In the afternoon we called him and told him 2 meet us at the 3rd floor.He told us he was already suspicious since y so ngam ngam he got break the Ns ppl call. But he believed us the 1st time ^^.We bought 4 him a small cake and gave him a present he would like ( cant say wat it is ).During maths, miss Ann Ann made him come up but we asked him 2 do a speach only ( so potong stim 1 ).

Ji Kuan with his kuai chai face

On friday we had physics lab so pretty much me and kee spend the time having fun and acting pro ( acting pro to give you all face ^^ ).Got sum physics test or sumthing so i got 2study......when i feel like it

Weeeeee, play with plastecine ^^

Miss Ann actually writes this stuff on our homework ( mocking us .... )

Physics and maths test coming soon

Caught up with danny on sat.Played sum bball then off to cc.We played dota ( duhh ), COD 4, O2 jam and dark crusade.After dat we wen Nandos ( so exp sniff sniff bului ... ) Been fun catching up with you man.Hope you get the JPA schollarship thing.Just do sum research on the stuff.

No chem coat 4 chem period 2morrow.Might b gg-fied but who knows.

Still no mood 2 study, sigh..

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