Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pissed off =.=

I have noticed few things since coming back from Ns.For me, i get pissed off easier and get emo easier to name a few.But basically i am the same guy, just improved and more aware of stuff. 4 some reason, i noticed the friends i was close b4 arent so close anymore and i have no idea why.Were we ever close or have i or they drifted apart ???But i dun give a dam anymore.If they arent so close anymore then dats their problem.I dun wan to b the noob chasing them around 4 answers....Anyway its good 2 know ppl who werent so close b4 are closer.Its pretty fun knowing new ppl as there are many different kinds of ppl out there so it kinda makes life interesting.

What i am Really PISSED OFF if the fact that sum of you think A-levels is TOO HARD 4 me.And this is coming from ppl i have known 4 quite some time.Just because your SPM results is SOoooo good u think that the chilling lifestyle that i have is not suited 4 A-levels.FOSOAB you bastards.I am gonna prove it to you what i can do if i study seriously.Oh sure you wun admit you dun think i can do it but when i get my results,its gonna b In Your F******* Face. So i chilled throught Spm and you studied your balls off.The past is the past and it aint gonna change my future.

So watch out you bastards, the HAk Taiko ( or Hei Ta Ke if your preffer mandarin ) is gonna prove sumthings to you even if it means not going to Pyramid and CC b4 the As exams are over( i aint joking about dat =.= )

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