Thursday, March 20, 2008

College life

Well, college is well.... ok la.Just didnt expect it to happen so fast.Like openday is on Sunday and classes start on monday.Even when i went to register they suddenly say i can go 4 orientatation ( omg so fast ).

But i guess in Sunway its was like a NS reunion thing.Siang(mafi),Ian(ausmat),Kee and Jikuan(a-levels with me) and sum mamak girl who i think was in the same bus as us also doing a levels.Ju mayb joining us but who know la dat guy.Met alot of Dj-ians there ( and i thought i got away from them at HELP ).Dom was the 1st guy there i talked to ( amazingly he is in the a-level student council thing ~blind a-level ppl~).Thx to him i found out where is Medan, the cc ^^ and how 2 get to pyramid ( still not sure ).

My class is ok la ( no leng leui zzzzzz ).Got 3 international students from mauratious (dunno how 2 spell), sri langka ( or near sri langka ) and a guy from africa. I guess we will get along well.

Trying to cut down on tv or com by playing basketball in the evenings.But the downside of that which i discovered is dat i cant play 2 much or seriously.Found dat out when i lost 1v1 with sum Dj guy who was a ok player ( 9-7 ).Got 2 learn to epicentre to dribble well and i learned the proper way 2 shoot.And i must say its dam ez to score using dat way.

Going 2 Pn saiks thing tomorrow to show dat i care ( do i ????hehehe)

Er...bout the picture...

Sorry, no individual shot but anyway introducing BBC ( me,Ju,Ben,Kiret and Ian )
My student Id should have my current look (unfortunately )
Going to do sum a level maths soon and learn 2 epicentre

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