Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ns memories part 2

Its my 100 post ( kinda shows i dam free ) and its the same week as beckham 100 cap 4 england ( like i care... he sux =.= )

When u go 2 sum remote place like terengganu and u come back here, u can see the diff so clearly.There we can spend everynight just lying down and looking at the stars at night.And dam, its so clear and beautiful.Its like u can stare at it and feel no matter how big things seem or hard life is, there is always a bigger picture.Here u cant see anything.I remember on the last time 4 night duty, me ben and fang kai were just lying down, eating chezels and staring at the stars.We talked stuff and we even saw 3 shooting stars dat night ( cool wei !!!! ).I wun 4get dat night.Isnt the world a amazing place.The weather there is also unique.You can actually see the rain b4 it hits you.You look at the hill and see the rain an u go "wow".Then of course after dat you shunpo (flashstep) to safety.Few seconds later the pouring rain hits Kem Bakau... Rain walkers, pro sial ^^

My saddest memory : dun really have 1 except the night you came back from Ns for good ( those who know me know how sad i was )

My happiest/funniest moment : 2many so cant count or name 1

My scariest moment : tali tinggi.I am afraid of heights k but it was fun since you can overcome your fear

Most memorable day there : erm, valentine's day ( more coming up on this soon )

My bravest moment : When i asked her for her number......

My lamest memory : OMG dats infinity man.The lamest night of my life was during wirajaya ( omg fang kai u are dam lame )

Will post summore stuff 2morrow with pictures 2morrow ( i lz take pictures and upload them if u r wondering y there arent any pics )

Gonna meet Danny and Ben ( i hope ) 2morrow 4 sum bball and cc

How can you say ~my guardian angel~ is only ok...Its dam nice till i know the words byheart.

Just w8ting 4 the right person 2 say it to....

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