Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I miss my cpu

Had a really bz weekend.Did alot of stuff like jogathon, makan-ing with fwens, karoke, practice sum stuff ( secret ) and of course basketball ( haha beat u don ^^ ).But all of a sudden my com doesnt seem to work.The screen show the no signal sign and my dad tried a couple of stuff thx to my cousin but it didnt work.The main suspect is a motherboard problem.Hopefully i can get my com by 2day ( please please , 1 day no internet d ),Anyway on the brightside i will b getting a Dvd drive ( wohoo at long last wahahahaha ).Hopefully can survive till i get it.

Feeling ggfied in chemistry since i dun understand it 4 nuts.Teacher dam sohai.Stupid yong shui face bitch.So gonna camp in library on friday and figure out the mysteries of the universe. Dam, can i get a new chem teacher.

Cant w8 to play bball 2day.Didnt score yesterday but my stamina increasing alot so its gonna b dam interesting.Mayb gonna ask Andy sifu to teach me more dribbling stuff

If you are wondering how i am posting this now, i am in sunway com lab thinggy.

thank god 4 the internet.

Caoz ppl

if only i could freeze, sigh

coming soon.....

Valentines day

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