Saturday, September 1, 2007

A swt day

50 years of Merdeka ???? Who cares, spent the whole day out.Went so a seminar with jin and ian.Learned some stuff and found out how much we have 2 study bio and physics.Dam swt.Food was pathethic so we all makan mentos and snickers.They had some energy drink that made our ears go red and out body itchy ( except ian dunno y - something wrong with him ). Well, while waiting in between some sessions we were playing with our phones and ian, well was ian.Stare at whose picture r hmmm.

Had dinner out and straight away wen to relatives place.Cant wait for 2morrow, got good thai food and lot of tani ( drink/drinks if u get my drift ) waiting 4 me.^^ Hope some ppl can sleep well.

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