Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Great Teacher Onizuka - GTO

Wats GTO ???
Its an anime about a teacher called Onizuka who was the leader of a legendary biker gang facing the challenges of teaching life in his own way.He is a dam cool guy who doesnt hide his feelings and thoughts and will go to any extend to help his students.He is assigned in a class in a middle school that had a notorious reputation of forcing their teachers to quit and face depression. Inspite of the whole class against him along with the vice principle, he does a miracle and changes his students life forever.
If only he was teaching my class. maybe we can learn something in physics ( ok maybe not but it will be fun ^^ ), shoot bottle rockets at Siva and treat us to 8 course chinese dinner with sharks fin soup haha.
My favourite episode in the sadly short series is when fuyuksuki sensei ( colleague and close friend ) was choosing a swimsuit for a trip to Okinawa sponsered by Onizuka. That episode was dam funny.

Onizuka's German suplex

Fuyuksuki sensei ( ballons went "pop ")

Onizuka rox !!!

Quote of the day by the vice principle : OH NO !!! MY CRESTA

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