Saturday, September 22, 2007


Had another Angsana Vs Belian match after a long time.So it was me, ben , chay and jin huat carrying the angsana flag and we won for the 1st time.HAHA, cause i dam good ma ^^.Actually we were losing in early game ( not me ).Well, i was weaver and danny was naix so i guess it was expected.Sorry danny, used the same trick u did last time and boy revenge is sweet like ice cream ( haven had baskin robbin in ages sadness ).

But somehow we managed to get our act together and as a team we made the most of our skills ( chay and jin ulti ) and my attk speed and bens ac and stun to turn things around.My finaly score was ( 11-3) and i got GODLIKE ^^). Got treads, blurize eagle.Was gonna get rama rama but game end.Good job Angsana !!!

Coming soon.....

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