Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Old fwen

Haiz.... since i am grounded here, guess i will write bout a old fwen.

His name is Daniel Wong.Not 2 sure when i knew the guy but let say std 2-3.This guy is from La Salle and is a pretty interesting guy in not being afraid 2 be diff ( he may seem wierd at times ).

This poor guy is sumhow a deluded liverpool fan who keeps on calling Christiano Ronaldo a gay in his blog ( will link later ).Unfortunately my deluded fwen, its the other Ronaldo you should have been calling gay. Been insulting liverpool fans ( mostly him ) since they didnt make it 2 moscow. Haha, if i hurt your feeling sorry lor haha.

Hmmm, his personality is pretty interesting and i think makes a good fwen.The last time i saw him when i was going 4 my driving ceramah b4 NS. Now he is in Australia doing sumthing in psycology. Then again, mayb doing this field will b interesting 4 you cause well, humans are interesting ppl ( sorry if i sound wierd, its just how u look at things ).

I only knew him through sunday school so i think those days are not wasted though i really hated confirmation classes.Oh yea, he chose Matthias as his confirmation name.Ironicly, his brother and i share the same name ( this proves my name is pro ^^ )

So Daniel, if you read this post....

Dun worry, we will send u a postcard from moscow.


Hope 2 see you soon man.

Hohoho, liverpool sux

Sure he gonna backlash me in his blog...

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