Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ns memories ~kerohanian~

In every NS program, there is always kelas kerohanian and its pretty much divided to the religions.In my camp, there is Islam ( they dun line up with us... thankfully ), Buddist, Hindu, kristian, sikh, and free thinker ( haha ju, he still lines up with christians ).Anyway, Kiret doesnt have to line up cause he is like timbalan pengulu ( since penghulu is a malay-not there-), he is the 1 who reports to the jurulatih.Each of the other religions have their own leader who counts the no. of ppl there and report to Kiret.Pretty much i was the ketua pelajar christian so every time got this thing i have to give orders ( eg. kekanan lurus, baris etc.... ).Luckily there is only 15 of us ( guys and girls included ) so its pretty ok.

Pretty much BBC is made up of christians, free thinkers and sikh.The advantage of being a christian is dat while other religions have classes twice a week, we only have it once.And the time the other ppl have their 2nd class is Thursday night ( phone night ^^ ).Since most of the time we get it back b4 or after dinner, we can charge our phone with leasure and play with us while others suffer.

There are 2 ways to escape kerohanian.
1-you are the only sikh ( they dun even have their gudwara-place of worship- in terengganu )
2-you are a free thinker ( you have 2 write sum letter or sumthing.... only Ju did it )

So when all of us go 4 kerohanian, these 2 idiots go jamming ( kiret with tabla and Ju with guitar ) at the kafe while eating burger ayam special.

There are around 7 catholic and the rest are protestants.The protestants go 2 church in the morning along with the buddist leaving us catholic, free thinkers and sikh stuck with the malays. Not 2 bad since they spend their days sleeping like ******* only wake up 2 eat then sleep again.So while Ian and Ben are away, me, ju kiret and jason spend the day doing dum stuff.Well... the day starts after Kiret washes his hair 4 1 hour including drying ( i normally b waiting 4 dat fag to finish drying his hair ).Sum of the stuff we did was jam,listen to music with speakers ( sum1 brought speakers ), play chess, futsal and of course... LISTEN TO RUSSEL PETERS!!!!!!! (Wooooo, 2 40 minute episodes with loudspeakers ~ dam syok man ~ )

We ( refer to catholics ), leave to church around 5 with the 7 of us in a van ( seating arrangement : me and jason;nicque, lana, and nani : issac and mark ).Hmm, i would normally spend the time sms-ing Pei Fang and listening to music.Its bout a 40 min drive to church and on the way we pass by the oil refinary place.I swear, it looks so dam cool at night.Tall pillars with while light,Crisscross of pillars with a ghostly aura and huge fires.Its so beautiful, reminds me of the typical RPG with the old school look and storyline.Just break in the castle, rescue the princess and save the kingdom.

Took this picture while the van was moving

(u can see like a dragon, a sun and a moon dam cool right ^^ )

Anyway, the church in Terengganu is like a small shophouse without even a symbol of a cross to let ppl know its a church.Though oppressed, the ppl there are really kind and good to us.Their fate and their family like community reminded me of early day christians meeting together to pray, it was so touching.We really enjoyed the food there.They actually took the trouble to cook food 4 us ( sob sob so sweet ) and we even ate pork ( wooooooooo!!! ).They made me feel welcome and i will always remember their kindness ( 4got their names alrady x.x )

The kindest ppl eva !!! ( NS ppl in blue )

Hehe, the advantage of being so few of us and going in a van is dat we can stop over and buy stuff woooooo!!!!We only went 2 7-11 and KFC but it was like heaven to us.I still can remember the 1st time stepping into 7-11 in Terengganu.It was like wow... so cool wei the place just like small kids going to a big shopping complex ( one republic stop and stare playing in the background ). So we pretty much buy back stuff for fwens and all.The girls were so thoughtful they actuall come with order for either KFC or 7-11.Swt man dat day... loads of snack plates with drinks and wedges for god know how many ppl cramming into the van ( they even open the window cause cant tahan the smell ).Haiz.... good times.

The best part is.... rubbing in the faces of the other ppl back in camp.

Haha moral of the story... it pays to have good catholic fwens

Farking cool flames ... enjoy ^^

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