Sunday, July 6, 2008

Here come the July intake

On thursday, the july intake for a-levles, cimp and mufy in sunway started.Me and my fwens went there acting like july intake looking at the ppl there.The a-level booth was so dam empty that i dun think i saw any1 register.Must be miss ann ( lala bitch ).

anyway i met a few ppl.

  • Ian Ng - he just returned from Ns in sum camp in terengganu.He said sum hotel cattered his food ( wtf @#$% ).He looks the same though and will b doing CIMP.( i think he missed out the 'good' batch ).
  • Izzat - He left after form3 and go dunno where.Last time i saw him, he was tall and dam skinny.Now...he is shorter ( ok so mayb i am taller ) and he is fat.Diu... from a skinny guy to his face getting man. He will b doing MUFY.
  • Topek - i think his real name is Taufik.Dun really know him but we were from ns.I think he is doing CIMP or MUFY, cant remember
  • Kiret - This is the most random and unexpected 1.While w8ting 4 the bus after college, i was looking across the road when a red mivi with 2 punjabi ( 1 with turban ) just passed out of the guard house.It didnt really strike me then suddenly i saw the blue ns celoreng pants.I was like diu... Kiret.He also recognised me and stopped the car and chat 4 a bit.The 1st thing he said to me was ......" dude you shaved "

Was doing Daniel's tag yesterday but just when i wanted to post it the thing like suddenly dissapeared.And it took me 4ver to do it.zzzz Will do it when i get sum time.

Life is dam stressful yet more interesting in a way.


p.s.- Linkin Park Leave out all the rest rox!!!!!!!

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