Saturday, July 12, 2008

bz bz bz

yesterday : footsal, steamboat

today : driving lessons =.=

tommorow : cheer08.Going with don and sum small kids

day after tomorrow : driving test ...

currently bz in

  • studies ( abit la but i aint joking )

  • dance

  • guitar

  • basketball

Cant believe i played gunbound 4 more than 1 hour with nicklaus.

Everytime i miss the bus and watch it leave right infront of my face....nicholas aka the fringe was always there...3rd time already MCB!@#$%

Mr. leonard lives in ss2 and he eats ice cream like there is no tomorrow.If he went to China, they should make a movie out of it.I just dun seem him making it there.

random pic- made in NS when i couldnt talk

zzzz.i go sleep 1st


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