Friday, June 20, 2008

chilling again ~weeee~

Feeling so great now.Nono, i didnt take drugs, but the other ppl at Sandy were really high singing mary had a little lamp in alot of way.....Omg la you guys.
As i expected, the bad week ended on monday and the rest of the days were pretty ok and decent.2day was pretty stressful at the start cause every1 really no mood 2 study so we had to suffer 2hrs of phy and 1 hr of chem b4 we could finally relax a bit with leonard.Had to stay back until 3.30 cause got extra chem lesson from 2.30
When class ended it was raining like fucks and i was pretty depressed since i had sum plans 4 the evening.Managed to get a lift from a fwen and supprisingly along the way home, the rain was really really much less than sunway ( thunderstorm with really strong winds) at kelana jaya area there it was drizzling abit with bright sun.In Dj there was no rain at all ( dam pro le God ).Miracles do happen ^^ .

Brought my guitar to Sandy 4 Andrew to help me tune.After dat played bball with nicklaus ( managed to drag him along ) in a 4v4 game.Was pretty fun but i feel my stamina is running out.After that all of us were chilling in the shade with sweat covered boys raped my guitar ( its amazing how many ppl know how 2 play guitar ). I think my guitar now smells of swt.Practised sum dance moves there and just chilled with the others.

Its been a really great week ( actually no but its nice anyway ).Loads of hw so i guess i might b bz this weekend.

wooooo hand stand ( actually its pretty simple )

Flying weeee~ ( pushing back the wall )

I can fly upside down too ^^

reach 4 the sky... or the floor
Well...not 2 say much but this wasnt the move i was trying 2 do ( wanted to do a hand stand and salute but didnt happen when the pic was taken)
Just chat with Kiret just now.Seems he will b doing ADP at sunway in august ( so pretty much BBC is in sunway except 4 Ben who is stuck in SEGI - haha mosque college - )
Life is now challenging but i am up 2 it.
are you .....
~ caoz ~
ps.yes yes your yearbook is safe.Got any ideas on wat 2 do with my hair ???

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