Saturday, February 9, 2008

cny hols

Sigh, Cny, the time of the year you go visiting ppls houses collecting ang pau and free food.Unfortunately 4 me since i was sick i was stuk at home. zzz life sux

Sum relatives came over ( even my cousin who works in singapore ~ she is australian ~ ).Well, they were kinda shocked with my hair style and my sun burned skin. Guess i gotta live with this retarded look 4 a while since they will b cutting our hair on 7th march. Dam swt man.

Just wen 2 Assunta this morning and the guy said i got asthma.WTF man, dam potong stim.Then again my mum's side of the family has a strong history.But it was my 1st time so i guess i was pretty shocked.Got sum 1 week off physical stuff when i go back 2 NS so it could b pretty boring.

Managed 2 go Sandy yesterday.Couldnt play 4 fucks since i was sick ( couldnt run much ).Met sum ppl who i know the face but not the name.And the stupidest thing was China Boy had more hair than me ( Nooo!!!!! ). Shit happens.

Going back 2morrow 4 another month at NS. Gotta print sum lyrics and sum song sheets 2 bring there ( 4 the last night of NS performance ).Gonna miss the peace and quiet of my toilet. No more listening 2 BM conversations when bombing and can bathing in peace without having 2 worry of my clothes being wet when the chinese ppl play water ( and the glorious hot water ).

Dam its gonna sux.

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