Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sick .....

K, its about a week since i fell sick during NS.Wen 2 medic twice ( wednesday and friday ) and i aint feeling better.Had farking high fever during the 1st few days ( temp on wed was 39.sumthing ).Yea, if dats not high i dunno wat is.The worst part was doing night duty with high fever ( 4-6 shift ).Could sleep 2 save my life and even when the shift ended i could only sleep 4 1/2 hour b4 waking up.Dat was so dam fucked up zzzzzzz. So the medic put me on drips ( drip,drip,drip ... )

Now i am coughing like hell till my throat is dam pain.Cant even rest since i will b coughing ( diu man wtf gimme a break la ). Going 2 Assunta on sat so have 2 tahan till then.

Dam i wan 2 go 1 u ( cant beleive sum ppl call it O u ).Hopefully can go today ( its passed 12 ).And got sum outing with friends who have 4gotten i exist.Fine... see if i care =.= .And no1 is gonna see me bald man.Aint no1 man.

Yea 2 all your chinese " Gong Xi Fa Chai ".I lz sms u all so mayb 2morrow ( 2 those ppl who didnt 4get me ).

Still no voice ( no voice since sum random day in NS ) so it sux 2 the max.

cough cough cough

diu .....

feeling depressed


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