Sunday, May 3, 2009

Labour Day

Ok so i spelt it right this time...

So anywayz...spent the whole day out this time.Went climbing with Brandon,Danny,Vincent, the Foo brothers, shahin and Nizar. We climbed for like 8 hrs ( 10-6 ), the longest ever i have ever climbed. Took sum pictures and posted them on facebook.Too bad i dunno how 2 tag ppl =.=

Oh yea... i managed 2 climb the Sentinel using only 1 color haha. 15m straight up with ntg but a little strenght and technique.Sadly i dun have a pic of dat. Pretty cool climbing expereience dat day, especially when u climb with alot of friends.

Went straight 2 Sandy and played sum bball. The black army along with Hong kit and Andrew beat Gay roo, andy and timothry 15-14 with me being the top scorer (atleast 4 out team ). I feel so pro.

At night,went Brandons house for sum friday night mah jong. For most of us it was the 1st time playing it and was pretty fun. My mah jong skillz ownz man... Must play it more often. Arthur and Darryl were more 2 Guitar hero. Looks like there aint gonna be any dj rockstars anytime soon.

Exams starts on the 13 and i am so not ready

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