Sunday, October 21, 2007

Last post b4 spm

Well, its 21 days till spm so i have decided to stop com and tv until exams are over.Ironicly it was gabryel who reminded me how close it was to spm with his 22 days to spm thing.Ever since he said dat it got me thinking that i have to do my part to succeed 4 spm.Its gonna be tough 4 me since i got a short attention span when it comes to studying.Been doing a hell lot of add maths during the hols and i need do finish spm 2006 paper 2 to complete my tution hw ( suppose 2 do 2003-2006 papers ).

At the rate things are, i think my only A's that are secure is
mod maths (read 10 min can d ),
english (read lit a bit ).
moral ( read 4 about 2 hours enough 2 memorise ),
est (this 1 kinda random paper but should watch the format thing )

So that leaves another 6 subjects which are obviously the harder subjects so i gotta get going and hopefully with my skill ,hardwork, help from friends and alot of divine grace i am gonna get all A's.

Gtg study now.Have to finish some of the mara papers and stuff.

Good luck in spm ppl.Together we will all succeed.

I am gonna miss you my com, sniff sniff

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