Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas~

Its kinda late so 4 you ppl who i havent wished,wishing you all merry christmas.Just want to point out la, christmas is the birth of jesus christ and not about the bull shyt of the spirit of giving nonsence ( seriously hate dat =.= )

Anywayz... 4 the 1st time ever i invited sum friends over 4 christmas lunch.The last time ppl came 2 my house is cause they invited themselves, had 2 do sumthing at my house or followed me home...So i guess Danny summed it up by saying " after all the time looking at it, we can finally go in ".Couldnt agree more with dat statement ^^

After sum lunching, we went da kei at blitz.Played Left 4 Dead.It is freaking awesome nice game!!!!! If you want 2 read more, go 2 Brandon's blog.We played the 1st two missions with Joon Nic, Nicklaus ( haha no such thing as a free meal ) and Danny. 1/2way through the 2nd mission, Joon Nic and Danny had 2 go so it was just me and pie with 2 ai bots ( Louis and Bill ).Managed 2 avoid dying untill the transport arrived.When the Ai were fighting off the hourd after the boat arrived,I threw a molotov into the mob, ran throught the flames to safety followed by nicklaus.The ai bots well...Looking at the from the boat we see the "help bill" sign appearing but life sux so deal with it.We finished the level after the bots were put out of their misery * haha suckers

In loving memory of:



Santa Rocks...literally

1399 zombies were killed in the making of this post

~off to kuching and ipoh so happy new year ppl~

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