Friday, November 28, 2008


Celebrated reubens bday on wednesday,( actually his bday was the next day if i am not mistaken ) so he now is 15 so i guess still illegal haha.Had loads of fun with the drinks and the food.There were sum tom yam mee hoon, pizza , satay, chips, lagzanea and other stuff. 4 the drinks we had beer, gin and vodka.Sumhow arthur insisted on buying sparkling wine =.= swt

The sandy ppl came along with 3 of reubens friends.I pity the girl cause the other girls cancelled at the last minute. She had the wtf look wen she found out none of her fwens were there haha.Wen i arrived i was greated with the sound of the air gun.Later don put sum lighter fluid and with a lighther we made a flamethrower.It was dam cool...

Athur got drunk dam fast.Talking rots all the way.Almost everybody got drunk xcept 4 me, jun kwei, darryl and andy.Wanted 2 stay over but unfortunately had college the next day...

dumb moments

  • jun kwei your face so red.You gonna die of cancer
  • i wan sum vodika
  • Fuck you ah keong, you stole my phone
  • brandon randomly jumping on me and andy ( the 2nd time he came we quickly ciao )
  • toprock while drunk ( dam its better when i am drunk then wen i am sober )
  • Handstand while drunk
  • my combo of beet gin and vodka in a beer can

well... you get the idea.Most of the dumb stuff there are by arthur ( obviously... ).Had alot of fun playing tortoise ( pick a card, put on your head and the 1 with the lowest number have 2 drink ). It was awesome...We also played poker and i was winning thanks 2 the feng ( sitting next 2 fan ) till every1 2 drunk 2 care...

We also tried slacking.But the pillar was shaking.I swear there wasnt a crack at the pillar b4 we started slacking.Its a freaking huge crack ( and i didnt have 2 get on it )

Overall... it was a good party.Must do it more often.So i hope reuben will have a successful life and not doing stewpid things like ******.

ps. kok yang i wan the video you recorded ^^

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