Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last day of hols ... ( life sux )

4 me, technically my last day of hols was on saturday cause sunday is 4 cramming 1 week of hw in 1 day ( but in the end i didnt finish, though i didnt try much ).

Went cc with the belians.Haven gone with them 2 cc in a very long time.I still remember the last time.
Danny : Matthew, accounts finish
Matthew : k, i meet u at cc
Good times...

So it was me, jing, danny, zhi hao, alex, tun ching and don ( with 1 or 2 of his friends ). Played sum cs, audition ( me and don ), cod and dota.The best game was 3 v 3. Jay Chou , call me jungle ( jing ), zhi hao vs Dan the man, Anwar ( alex ) and Tun Ching. Dam nice game though we lost.We were shouting omg anwar coming run run and what the saiful.Really nice game, lasted 4 one and a half hours.Started da kei at 12 and we left around 4.30.

While the others went back, me and jungle boy went 2 sandy 2 play sum bball.Even though he hasnt played in sum time, jungle was pretty good.So much 4 my hopes of beating him.Played a few rounds of bball then we had 2 cao.

Later at night went 2 my cousin 21st bday celebration.Enjoyed the food and the drinks.Had 1 vodka and 5 black label ( cant really drink much ).Took me the whole morning 2 recover.

Haiz... y must holidays end.But i couldnt really take much more anyway.I get bored easily.

Anyway in summary :
  • eat free mooncakes
  • play with lanterns
  • burn stuff
  • watching legend of condor hero ( sorry i dunno wat 2 do )
  • re-install dota and play
  • whisky
  • playing cards
  • chilling at sandy at night

zzz time 2 get my gg-fying result 2morrow.If only my results are like my IELTS ( band 8 out of 9 )

Alex go cut your hair la.Where is the monk i have seen since form 2.Cant recognise you.

Now UTAR got hols...So not fair =.=

Dats all i think so...


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