Saturday, August 4, 2007

My stuff 2 - my phone

my sony erricson ( yea yea old photo )
Well, i waited dam freaking long to get my phone.Must have been saving for about 4-5 years. Dats like saving all my christmas ang pau ( too old 4 presents ) and starving like forever during recess till i got a habit of not eating during recess ( but i still feel soooo hungry ).My parents didnt want to pay for it not even for credit.And i onli get like rm 60 a month so i am still starving myself. I still remember the feeling walking to atria with the money in an envelope praying i wun get robbed. Well, i dont regret getting it and i wonder now how i lived without a phone for so long ( got it in mid december last year ). Mainly use it for my songs ( wats life without music ??? ) and i am looking for a 1 gig memory card so i can store more songs.Hmmm, maybe i care too much dat i even dress like my phone ( orange shirt black pants - orange = walkman colour ) I love my phone. Oh yea i got the intro for elliot yamin- Wait for you. Any1 interested just ask me

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